Monday, July 28, 2008

Persperia: Setting up

Hello and welcome to Persperia. Persperia is a small little town of 3 families right now. Hopefully it will grow up into a large and beautiful place to live. We will be checking in on the Drake's, Longwei's and Tanis' in a moment but first a little tiny bit about the place and the families.

What started out as an open stretch of land with a river that cuts it in half, and has created a little island as well, Persperia is a beautiful untouched area. The mainland has one very long stretch of road, called "Long Road", and this is where most of our story at this point takes place. Persperia was actually one of the few places not touched by the alien "attack", probably because the fact no one lived there, and is where these three families wound up after escaping. All of the families lost a loved one in the attacks in some way, and as with all things, all had lost family before moving here in different ways as well. Along Long Road there is Long Road lake, the gathering Sunday spot to fish and get together with the people of the town, and there is Long Road Mall, the Saturday gathering spot for the teens and others. Each family has started out with the most basic house that can be brought in, so the town is not much to look at right now, however, as it grows it will certainly become more and more prosperous.

The Longwei's:

We start out with Crina and the 2 sets of twins, Alina and Beniamin and then Doina and Elisabeta. (Side note: The guy in the picture was just a placeholder sim, not even the sim I used to create the children). Crina's son and daughter-in-law were taken by the aliens during the attack, leaving her to watch over the 4 adorable children left behind.

The Drake's:

We next move on to the Drake family. The Drake's were lucky in the attacks, as they only lost Dei's wife, who was very ill at the time. While it's still hard, they know they fared better than most. Dei's children, Epona and Cademon came here with their father to help him out in this difficult time. Dei's has also become a huge help with Aine, Epona and her husband Belinu's daughter. Epona is anxious to have more children to help carry on the family she loves so dearly.

The Tanis':

Finally we come to the Tanis family. Cadoc came here after his wife was taken in the attacks, and Bryn moved here to help her father. The family has had it's ups and downs and they haven't spoken much recently. Bryn is trying to get to know her father and re-know her son, Alun, who was living with his father until he was also taken in the attacks. Together the 3 of them are trying to get to know one another and learn to live with their differences and carve out a life for themselves in this little town.

Coming Up: Season 1


Melissa said...

Great beginning. Love the back story. Can't wait to read more.

M.McMillan said...

Sounds like a good start

Anonymous said...

This is great! By the way, are you Romanian? Doina and Crina sound like Romanian names.

ciyrose said...

I'm not Romanian, but the names I think are. I picked out "nationalities" for the families and just picked names for them that I liked.