Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hey all,

I'm just posting a quick message to say, I know it's been forever since I have blogged, but I haven't gotten to play for a long time. My computer has been on the fritz and I haven't had a chance to really sit down and fix it will all the holiday time and working like crazy. I will hopefully be back on soon, and playing and blogging again.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Longwei's: Season 5

The Longwei's
Alina: Female Teen - Virgo - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God
Beniamin: Male Teen - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Doina - Female Teen - Aquarius - Fortune - LTW: Become a Prestidigitator
Elisabeta - Female Teen - Taurus - Family - LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
(Forgive me Beta, I put a z in your name in the picture even though it's spelled with an s)

This has been a good Fall so far, but also a little difficult. Oh, this Doina by the way. So Beni and Alina were getting ready to head off to college. They had both worked so hard to make sure Beta and I had everything we needed that it was there turn to head off. Well part of the sad part is, either Beta or I can't go to college, or we are going to lose the house. I know it's sad, but Beta and I need to go to college starting in the winter term if we are going to go and Beni and Alina aren't going to be back by then. Beni already said he would buy the house back so we didn't lose anything, but still, it's hard to think about. If only grandma was still alive and could have kept up the house until we got back. I know there are probably things we can do, I mean Alina and Beni could probably rush through college, but I don't want them to do that either, so we'll just deal with what we've got. Anyway, before Beni and Alina left we had some friends over and just hung out and talked and then before we knew it they had headed out to college.

Well Beta is doing really well anymore, which is good because I know Beni and Alina were really worried about her after grandma died, it was really hard for her. Anyway, she is starting to hang out a lot with little Ginger Newton. She's a sweet girl, seems really nice.

Beta does seem to spend a lot of time looking out at the stars. Neither one of us really remember the attacks, we were just babies when it happened, but Beni and Alina remember it a tiny bit more and grandma told us a few stories. I guess it's normal to be curious about what happened to mom and dad and if they might still be out there alive somewhere.

Me, I'm just waiting until we head to college next year. I'm still painting and I work as a Mime 5 nights a week after school to keep a little income coming in. Even with scholarships it's going to take most of us savings to get all 4 of us through college. It really wasn't an exciting fall, just Beni and Alina leaving. I know that Aine has really missed Beni though. She leaves for college next season too I believe, so we'll all be there together.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drake's 2: Season 4

Drake's 2
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God

So I know Bryn told you all about Dillon and how he is my son. Well let me tell you, at first it sort of came as a shock, and I knew how Bryn was, so I wondered at first if he was mine for sure or not. but she was very convinced and I believed her. She's not one to really lie about something that like. Well she really wanted to be involved in the baby's life, I think seeing Alun after so much time really drove home what she missed the last time around. Well I wanted to be a part of his life to, I mean, it's my son. So the first thing I did was apologize to Bryn, and then I asked her to move in with me so we could both help raise little Dillon.

Well she and Dillon moved in right away, and Cadoc came over to help her move some things. I know he's going to be lonely over there until Alun get's back from college, but he comes home soon. Well I also asked Bryn to marry me, totally out of character for me, but then again she said yes. So now we're engaged, but neither of us is sure we are totally ready to actually get married. I guess we'll see.

Well I will admit I was really happy to have Bryn there, and little Dillon of course. I sort of realized the out was kind of quiet and having them there made it much nicer to come home to. Bryn and I also get to car pool to work occationally. We work in the same field so it makes it really nice to be able to go to work together. Although Bryn just got a promotion and works really late nights now.

I'm actualy really enjoying being a father. Yes, I'm sure I'm still a romance kind of guy, but I don't know, Dillon has just changed things a bit. I enjoy helping to take care of him. Well as you probably saw when Bryn moved in she brought some extra money she had saved up and we used that to fix up the house and the yard. I had to turn my bedroom into a nursery and then we build an extra bedroom right above the nursey for Bryn and I.

We also got an apple tree and Bryn enjoys taking care of. It gives her something to do and still be outside. I know she sometimes feels tied to the house because of Dillon. The last Sunday I sent her to the lake to go try and catch some fish and I stayed home with Dillon. I think she really enjoyed her time out there.

One night when it was really quite late at night Dillon grew up into a toddler. No longer was he this little tiny baby that didn't do much more than sleep and eat, now he was a toddler.

He's a handsome little tyke if I do say so myself. Chances are he'll have some reddish color of hair since both Bryn and I have red hair, and he's got a bit of hair already.

Well I got right to work training him to talk and I think Bryn taught him how to walk because he toddles around the house all over the place. Next lesson is going to be potty training. I'm tried to changing diapers. Well that brings the entire summber to a close I believe.

Oh there was one funny thing that happened. She I have mounted a few of the really nice fish I have caught over the past year I have lived here. Well one night while Dillon was asleep this penguin just comes wondering in. Well he starts trying to jump up and reach the fish hanging on the wall. Weirdest thing I've ever seen, especially in the summer. Well I do believe that is all for now.

College: Round 3

Acedemie La Tour
Alun Tanis - Major: Literature, LTW: 50 Dream Dates
Lainey Barthelet - Major: Economics, LTW: Become a Business Tycoon
Aiyana Trimble - Major: Biology, LTW: Have 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Robi Tang - Major: Drama, LTW: Become world Class Ballet Dancer

So this is Aiyana, and I have to explain something. No one really know I was a romance girl until we moved, but I'll get to that part in a second. So yeah, I am a romance girl, but I really love Alun, and he makes me want to have a family. I just had to point that out, because I don't ever want to hurt Alun, he has been amazing. Ok, ok, so I know I hurt him at the first party we all had, but the cow came onto me, I didn't even like him! Wait, I'm getting a head of myself again. Ok, let's start from the beginning. At the beginning of their Junior year Alun and Lainey decided to move out and start a Greek house with myself and Lainey's boyfriend Robi. Well, right after we moved in Lainey asked Robi to marry him, but then she got all moddy, I have not idea why, because she was the one that asked, and I know she waned to marry him. It was almost like she wanted him to say no or something.

(Quick side note: Lainey had the one to be engaged, but must have had a fear of it as well that I missed or something because it showed up as a fear instead of the want she had.)

Well the house was cute, pretty nice with 2 bedrooms on the top floor and a couple of bathrooms. Well Alun and I just laid out on the grass in the front yard. This was our house for now, and it was great. Plus, now that I'm living with Alun I can really buckle down and get through college. I haven't been much of a college girl, sort of just stuck in a rut, but I have a modivation now to finish up. Robi said he feels the same way to, so we both picked a major that very day and made a plan to graduate.

Well Alun registered us for a Greek house and we got the status, so to celebrate we called over a whole bunch of people and had a Toga party. This is when the cow showed up. Yep, the evil cow mascot came and saw Alun and I and started hitting on me and trying to kiss me. Now I didn't let him, I swear I didn't! I pushed him back and told him I had a boyfriend, but it was too late. Alun had see what that blasted cow was doing and took it the totally wrong way. So now I've been having to try and convince him I didn't want to do anything with that guy. Anyway, that's jumping ahead just a bit again. So we had the Toga party and it went pretty well. Really not bad for our first party.

Well Alun started talking about the engagement after that and was asking me if I still even wanted to be engaged, and I kept telling him yes, I love you and I want to marry you, but he just wasn't sure he believed me. I was in hell I tell you. He wouldn't even sleep in the same bed as me, just slept on the couch and would take a nap in the bed while I was at class, or at least Lainey told me he did that. I'm not sure how to convince him, but I am sure going to stay away from cow's.

We started having more parties, not all Toga parties, and none of them were really amazing yet. They have gotten better each time, but still not quite there. We do all have fun though. Our house is known as the place to go for a water ballon fight. I may seem funny but we have a really big side yard that is just perfect.

Now I like to visit the college student areas and just hang out with the people. No, I'm not picking up guys! I swear, I go to play pool and meet the people, that's ALL! Anyway, I've been trying to get to know this people in black jackets. I see a bunch of 'em around campus, but have yet to get one of them to tell me what it's for.

Well one night, as I was practicing my Hula dancing a big limo pulled up outside and one of the girls in those black jackets came and arrested Robi! I know, can you believe it? I figure they must be some sort of studnet security or something, but what did Robi do? That guy never leaves Lainey's side. Well when he came back that night he said he couldn't talk about what happened, but that it hadn't been bad.

So anyway, that's about it I guess. Oh wait, no there is one more thing to tell you, well a couple. I did manage to finally convince Alun I was serious about marrying him and he forgave me for the cow insident. I almost lost it again though one day. It was terrible, I went to go to class like I normally did and I blacked out or was knocked out or something. I woke up by the student center I don't know how many days later and walked home to find out that it was finals day and I totally failed the semester. Well Alun wanted to know where I was, and I couldn't tell him, but he checked around and said a couple of people saw me passed out on the grass beside the student center and just figured I was sleeping off a party so they left me alone. Well he believed me after that but now insists that I get a cell phone so I can tell him when I get to class. Ok, now I think that's it. Alun graduates soon, with Lainey and then they will wait for Robi and I back in Persperia.

(Side note: The game glitched and Aiyana left for class the first day of the semester and stayed showed "in class' until 2 hours before the final exam, in which she slept for an hour and left of the final exam without having any school credit for attending class any of the days she was missing, so she is on acedemic probation and I can only hope it doesn't do that again.)

Tanis': Season 4

The Tanis'
Cadoc: Elder Male - Taurus - Popularity - LTW: Become Media Magnate
Bryn: Adult Female - Capricorn - Romance - Become a Rock God

So it's me Bryn, and let me tell you, life has taken some pretty unexpected turns lately. First, my son is engaged. I am very happy for him and his intended. I have not yet met her but Alun promises me he will bring her over soon. I am also getting to the point where I can fix a computer, much to father's delight.

Father has also been working really hard at his toy bench and now has this sort of glow any time he talks about Arts and Crafts, or works at his toy bench, or even when he's browsing the web. He says it's because he has maxed out his enthusiasm to it and can no longer be more excited about Arts and Crafts then he is right now.

Well lets get to the part where life took an interesting turn. Cademon and I have had this very flirty relationship and we've certain had enough fun in the past together. Well he pretty much lives the same way I do, fun and free. He is a good friend though to, so he hangs out at the house on occasion.

Well one of those nights ended in a slightly different way. We were hanging out and had some fun, did some dancing, you know the typical stuff that we do. He flirted some more, I flirted back and he left. That's not the weird part.

Not too long later I started feeling really sick. It reminded me a lot of what happened when I was pregnant with Alun, and made me wonder if it was happening all over again.

Well we had a big party at the house and Alun came over with Lainey, his friend from high school who lived in the islands somewhere, and then some neighbors. It was a really fun night, but...

that was also the night I realized beyond a doubt I was pregnant, again. I couldn't believe I let this happen again, but I was bound and determined to be a part of this ones life. I had missed out on Alun's life and if those attacks taught me anything it was that I did not want to miss out on another child's life.

I had worried about telling Cademon, but when I went to the lake on Sunday like normal and I shouldn't have even worried about it. Cademon looked at me and saw exactly what had happened and vowed to look after me and the baby. For being such a romance guy he was sure quick to pick up the peices where they fell and run with them.

I gave birth late one night when father was asleep. I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I decided to name him Dillon.

Dillon Tanis-Drake
Male Toddler - Gemini
Father loves his grandbaby, and I know he feels the same way I do...he will be a part of this babies life. It has been an interesting summer around here, and there is other news, but I will let Cademon tell you about that.

Drake's: Season 4

The Drake's
Epona: Adult Female - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens
Belinu: Adult Male - Pieces - Fortune - LTW: Become World Famous Ballerina
Aine: Female Teenage - Cancer - Family - LTW: Marry off 6 children
Feichin: Male Child - Aries
Glenna: Female Child - Virgo

Summer is here and it's the time for me to get back into shape. I've got 3 wonderful children, a husband any women would envy, then only thing I still need is a puppy, or kitten. So far I have not had any luck in getting Belinu to go for a kitten or a puppy. I could probably talk him into another child first.

I do go out and visit da's grave in the backyard some. I always end up missing Belinu's calls from work though when I'm out there. I don't know if I just loose track of time, or if he just calls at random times that I can't predict. I miss da, but his ghost is around I know, he used to wake Feichin up, but I find if I go and visit his grave it's not nearly as difficult for the kids to sleep at night.

Aine is still close to her da and they play most nights when he gets home from work. I will participate occationally, but typically just let those two do their own thing while I watch.

Belinu and I try to stay up sometimes just to spend some time together, but most of the time he falls asleep on the couch. I sometimes wonder what he dreams about.

Aine has started heading off sometimes to go to this place where she can study art. I'm not sure where it is, she has never told me. She stays there so late some nights I begin to worry, but she always comes home and then tells me how she got caught up in some teaching or project. I'm glad she has found something she is passionate about.

Belinu usally comes home and paints. I myself enjoy cooking, which is probably a good thing with 3 kids around and a very athletic husband. It's amazing we have any leftovers on a regular basis.

Aine has also become quite the handyman, er women. Her shower has gone out a few times, as has the downstairs one, and she is getting quicker and quicker at repairing them. She will be quite a little housewife and mother after college.

Belinu is still working hard at his job and is hoping for another promotion soon.

The kids are very good about coming home each night and working on their homework. They are all so smart, I am so proud.

The summer weather has been prefect for all of us to get outside and play some catch, or tag, or just have a water balloon fight. It's good for me too, because I can pay attention to the kids, but get to be outside having some fun of my own without having to worry about a baby in the house.

Aine went to the mall on Saturday, as I hear the teenagers tend to do. She met Beni's sister Doina in the resturant and got to talk with her some. She is really starting to get to know the family and they all get along swimmingly so far.

On her way home she also ran into Alina. It's good for the two of them to be able to talk. Both were old enough to remember the passing of a grandparent, grandda for Aine and Crina for Alina. They both has also had the chace to see the ghosts of those they loved.

I think it helps to bring the girls closer and gives them someone to share their experiences with. I'm sure that most others who have not had to suffer the losses they have would not understand.

Aine is also starting to become a really good painter. I think those lessons she gets at her secret places really pay off. Maybe I could convince her to let me come sometime.

Right towards the end of spring the twins grew into teenagers. First came Glenna, and then Feichin.

Glenna Drake: Teen
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: Become a Game Designer
Turn Ons: Charismatic and Neat
Turn Off: Plantsimism

Belinu was just getting home when Glenna grew up so he missed seeing her turn into a teenager, but she ran to meet him and hurried him inside for Feichin's turn.

Feichin Drake: Teen
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Turn Ons: Stink and Werewolfism
Turn Off: Athletic

The Sunday after the twins grew up we all went to the lake. It was great to have all my kids in their teenage years so they could really enjoy the lake. Aine had told me she was going to start talking to Beni about the idea of adopting kids and see what he thought. I was worried that she might scare him some, but she said he was all for having lots of kids too.

Wouldn't you know it, my boy Feichin wants a family and stated talking to his sister about how he can wait to have babies of his own. I hope he at least waits until he finds a nice girl to settle down with, but I guess time will tell. I'm glad he wants a family though, it means that the Drake name will continue. Their uncle Cademon certainly isn't going to carry it on.

That day we all had pretty good luck in fishing. It seems to be eaiser and easier to catch big fish each week. Maybe one of these days we'll all start earning some rewards for all the fishing we do.

Glenna says she remembers Aine teaching her the tricks that grandda taught her when she first started fishing. Well that certainly appears to be paying off.

We also were able to cook up some food while we were there and sit down as a family to eat. We so rarely all get to sit down together it was nice to do.

Aine and Glenna get along really well for having some different outlooks on life. I'm so glad my girls get along. It's sometimes hard for sisters to live in the same house when they are close in age. I think Glenna is going to miss Aine when she leaves for college.

True to her word Aine talked to Beni about adoption, and he agreed it was a great idea. Of course, in the back of his mind I think he was also thinking, are we even going to have room for adopted kids too? He's a great guy, and will make my Aine very happy.