Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drake's 2: Season 3

Drake's 2
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God

So spring is finally here and life is going pretty good. I've had a few more dates, and am starting to really get to know the women around here. I've had a few of them over for some fun, and being good at the base really helps to win them around to my kind of thinking. Christy is pretty cool, she's a nice girl and we get along really well. I enjoy her company and she seems to like mine as well.

One day while Christy was here my sister and her husband came over for a visit. I've been teaching Christy some moves on the bass and she was playing for Belinu and Epona, but in her underwear of all things. I mean, I know that my sister and brother in law know very well how much I like women, but to entertain in her underwear just went a bit over board if you ask me. For a guy, not such a big deal, I mean boxers are basically like shorts, right? I mean I guess you could say she looked like she was wearing a bikini, but I just don't know.

Anyway, I cooked up some food for everyone to eat and went to go get ready for the rest of my day. Epona and Belinu stood listening to Christy play and just talked until I called them in for some food.

Well my sister spent quite a bit of time talking to Christy about different things. They talked about their favorite TV shows, music, movies and other random things. They seemed to hit it off ok, but don't really seem close. I'm glad about that, because I like Christy but I don't think she's going to be around for a long time and I don't want them getting all "sisterly" and stuff.

While the girls were in talking I gave Belinu a big treat with playing some stuff I had written on the base. He really seemed to like it and after listening to Christy for most of the morning, who is still pretty bad, it was good to have some decent music in the house.

Sunday I went to lake of course, as we typically do around here. I caught some good fish, which will be very nice to have in the freezer at home. It's so much eaiser to entertain when you've got some good food to quickly cook up in the house. The fishing seemed pretty good to me this particular Sunday.

Everyone seemed to be having pretty good luck on the fishing and it was the nice comfortable spring afternoon while I was there. I really couldn't have asked for a better day to go fishing.

To top it all off I met a few more women there today that seemed pretty interesting. Apparently there is another little area not too far from here that has a lot of other "refugees" from the attacks that like to come here to fish to gather food. It's really hard to make a start when you don't have a ton of money and you have to basically start over.

Summer is around the corner and I'm glad. This has been a good spring, but summer brings out some of the really cute ladies and their little summer outfits. I haven't spoekn much to Chrisy since that day with my sister and brother in law, but I might have to call her over sometime soon for some fun. I also need to get to know Bryn better, my neighboor. She is basically of the same mind as me and we really hit it off when we met.

Coming soon: Season 4 and more College

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

College: Round 1

Acedemie La Tour
Alun Tanis - Major: Literature, LTW: 50 Dream Dates
Lainey Barthelet - Major: Economics, LTW: Become a Business Tycoon

Ah, here at college at last. I'm no longer living under the stress of my family's house, and I get to try and become what I want.
Just as I had though Lainey is here too. We are even living at the same dorms.
There is Robi in the background, he's a pretty cool guy. I think Lainey actually thinks he's pretty cute. Of course, she doesn't think that about me, I'm just a friend.
There are some definitely cute women here though. Plenty of women to try and woo over, go on some dates, yeah, college is going to be great.

Of course this one seems to be kind of stuck on how popular she is. I mean I'm all for having friends and everything but I'm not going to go around talking about them like they are a badge.

Now there is a girl I think I could get into. She cute, got a little funky style to her, likes to dance. Yes, I must meet her between the constant studying and classes.

Lainey has even found some people that have traveled pretty far to come here, like she did. She can talk to most of the people, and we all tend to gather to eat anyway.

Aiyana Trimble, what a beautiful name, and a beautiful girl. She's stunning and seems to be into me a little too.

We started see a lot more of each other after that first night we finally met officially...
and I took her out on a few dates. They went really well at first, and then school started really cutting into our dates and we had a few bad ones because we lost track of time and one of us had to go running off to class.

Lainey has spread Hula throughout the dorm, most kids don't get down and smuttle anymore, we get into groups and Hula. Some of them are getting really good, and some Lainey just shudders to try and watch.

A few time Lainey has come and slept in my room, I went and got a big bed for Aiyana and I to sometimes cuddle on, but I think Lainey really misses home sometimes. Aiyana knows we're just close friends and doesn't seem to mind when she hears about this.

Other than meeting Aiyana the first year was pertty boring for me. I got through my classes both semesters with A's, just as Lainey did. Not much going on here, although I think I want to get out of these dorms before too long.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tanis': Season 3

The Tanis'
Cadoc: Elder Male - Taurus - Popularity - LTW: Become Media Magnate
Bryn: Adult Female - Capricorn - Romance - Become a Rock God
Alun: Teen Male - Taurus - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates

The cold hung onto the spring this year and as mom left for work one morning it was still very frosty on the ground. I was happy it was spring, and even more happy that my grandpa Cadoc had made it through the winter. He said he feels great, but I watched as through the winter our neighbors both lost a member of their family.Grandpa Cadoc is the handyman around the house. He fixes most of the things the need fixing. Any time a sink, shower or something like that he's on it. There is an exception to this rule that grandpa Cadoc always says. Unless you know a lot about computers or electronics never try to fix them. Anytime something electronic breaks he calls a repairman. I decided that's pretty good advice.

I still enjoy headed to the "mall" on Saturdays. It's not really a mall, more like a resturant with some weird disco club that no one ever goes too. Maybe someday they'll fix it up and it will be a great club. Until then I come down here to enjoy the hot tubs mostly. There is a clothing store, and a place to get some groceries, but that's about it.

Sunday we took the family day at the lake. Our neighbors were there, and I got to hang out with Aine some. She is a pretty crazy girl, but she loves to dance. I haven't really hung out much with her, she's quite a few years younger than me, but maybe after college we'll get a chance to know each other better.

She is also a pretty good fisher. I'm pretty sure she is going to end up with our other neighbor boy, Beniamin. He's also a couple of years younger than me so I haven't gotten to know them very well either. I do know their whole family though, and his grandma came over to welcome us right after we moved it. Hopefully when we all grow up we can grow closer as we will need each other to make this place grow.

Mom seems to have become rather smitten with another neighbor, Cademon, Aine's uncle. That would be a little weird now that I think about it. If mom and Cademon got together, which isn't very likely, although mom seems to be calming down some, I would be very loosly related to Aine and her family, and if Aine and Beniamin got married that would mean I would suddenly live in a town where everyone is family, if barely, but still. Crazy to think about.
Anyway, I'm not sure how those two really feel about each other. From what I've heard Cademon lives his life much the same way that mom does, but maybe that is good for the two of them. I don't know what to think about that anymore.

One sunny day towards the end of spring I went out to college. I decided to go to Acedemie La Tour and study Literature. From what I've heard, Lainey, my friend who was here from the islands that I met when we first moved here is going to go there too, so hopefully we can live in the same dorms.

So with my son moving off to college I know it's going to be pretty quiet around here for awhile. I'm going to miss him, I'm starting to see that I should have spent more time with him when he was little. His father really did help him become a wonderful young man and I know that my father has enjoyed having him around. I'm doing better in my career right now. Hopefully that will continue and I will be a Rock God in no time.

Summer is almost here and I am so glad that winter is over. I don't like the cold much and even spring was still cold until the end. I think the warm air is better for my father anyway, and it doesn't hurt his bones like the cold does. I guess we'll see how we do with Alun not there to sort of "mediate" between us. I love my father, but we just don't live on the same level, and he just doesn't understand my life, although I'm starting to think I'm understanding more of what he really wanted for me, and why it hurt him so bad when I left.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Drake's: Season 3

The Drake's

Epona: Adult Female - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens
Belinu: Adult Male - Pieces - Fortune - LTW: Become World Famous Ballerina
Aine: Female Teenage - Cancer - Family - LTW: Marry off 6 children
Feichin: Male Toddler - Aries
Glenna: Female Toddler - Virgo

With winter gone and spring upon us, some of the gloom from da's death left the house. Soon after the bitter cold left as well, and was replaced by the crisp coolness of spring. It was during this wonderful renewal of the land and our own emotions that the twins grew up.

Glenna was first this time and then Feichin. There wasn't a party for them but Aine had invited the neighboors over so they were able to be there. I do belive Aine is becoming quite smitten with Beniamin.

Belinu and the twins went to bed that night so exhausted. Aine, Beni, Beta and I all stayed up talking and getting to know each other better. It was great to have a chance to talk with Beni and Beta, I knew that their grandmothers death had been very hard on them, and losing someone here like that was something I knew all to well. I offered my assistace if they ever needed anything. For being so young they are handling the whole situation so well. Beni, as the oldest feels the most weight I know, however Alina and Doina have really sholdered the bills while Beni takes care of the house with Beta's help. He even told me that they should have enough in scholarships to send he and Alina to college after graduation. If Aine and Beni do end up together I known that Beni will do everything in his power to take care of her and their family.

The twins love their father, at least one of them always goes out to say hi to their dad when he gets home from work.

I'm so happy that we have made it this far and have there 3 beautiful children. Now if I only I could convince him to bring home a few kittens or puppies. I mean I really only want like 20 of them, although, with 3 kids that might be rough to come home to after a long day of work. I'll just have to keep talking to him about it, and maybe when Aine goes off to college we can get the twins a puppy or kitten to help raise.

Sometimes I can still feel dad's presence in the house, usually at night when the kids are asleep. Belinu and I try and take advantage of the hours the children sleep now too, as we don't get much time together between work and the kids. I cherish the nights we get to spend snuggled up on the couch watching a movie of some kind. It actually makes me think of the days before the attacks, when we were first starting out.

We went to the lake all as a family together on Sunday, as has become the custom that ourselves and the neighbors have started. It was a bitter sweet time, as I missed da "showing us the ropes" and he would have loved to have seen Feichin and Glenna fishing. I just have to believe he is watching from somewhere seeing his amazing grandchildren continue to grow.

Belinu got another raise at work the other day. I'm so proud of him working his way up. When Aine leaves though I'm going to have to start making a few more friends to help him out. Hopefully the twins will be able to start making a lot of friends in school too so their dad's or mom's can get more publisity happening for the group Belinu dances with. He still works out on that bar every day, of course I find myself using it as a quick work out and it's a great way to stretch out some of the tension in my muscles after a long day of housework.

Just as I had suspected, later on in Spring Beni started dropping by more, and Aine would invite him over to work on homework together. Beni is almost ready to graduate, and Aine's got a few more years to go, but they laugh and talk quietly. I've caught Aine a few times just looking at him when he's working on somethig, but as soon as he looks up she starts acting like she's concentrating so hard. It reminds me of how I felt when I was falling in love with Belinu, and Beni wants the same things as Aine out of life. I know life has really been hard on him and the girls, but he hasn't let it spoil his own dreams for a family.

Late one night Glenna got up and found Aine and I talking in the living room. We sat on the couch and I made up some quick snacks for us to have. It was just a late girls night. Aine was asking me about kids and we got on the subject of adoption. I was telling Aine that the attacks had left a lot of kids without families because they had been taken and she got really kind of sad and ask why we had never adopted any kids. I explained to both my girls that while their dad and I loved kids and were so happy to have them with what we had to give up in the attacks we didn't have the money to adopt any of the others.

I will never forget what happened next. Aine got this really serious look on her face and said, when I'm done with college and get married, I will adopt some kids to make sure they have a loving love like we did. I am so proud of my daughters.

Aine says she sees her grandda every once in awhile in her room at night just watching her. The first time it apparently scared her nearly to death. He never says anything and always just quietly leaves, usually when she isn't looking.

I hope that he is here because he's gone when he needs to and just checks in sometimes and not because he never made it where he needs to. I'm sure ma misses him, and we never see her. I guess I probably will never know until I pass that way to see what happens.

Well spring is starting to change into summer. The days are getting warmer and the rain doesn't fall as much. As it begins to become nicer outside we all spend more time playing in the yard. It's nice that the twins are old enough now to be able to come outside and play without me having to watch their every movement.

I can only hope that summer will bring even more joy and peace to my family. Who knows maybe I'll finally get a puppy.....but I doubt I can talk Belinu into it.