Monday, September 29, 2008

Longwei's: Season 3

The Longwei's
Alina: Female Teen - Virgo - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God
Beniamin: Male Teen - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Marry off 6 Children
Doina - Female Child - Aquarius
Elisabeta - Female Child - Taurus

The spring started out with Alina getting a job to help take care of the bills. Grandma had left us enough money to survive for now, but if Alina and I wanted to make it to college we had to make sure that Beta and Doina would have enough money built up to make it through their last couple years of school before they would go off to colleg too.

A little later that spring Doina and Beta grew up into teens. We didn't really have time or money to throw together a party, so we just invited a couple of friends from school to come by. First it was Doina and then Beta's turn.

Doina Longwei: Teen
Aspiration: Fortune
LTW: Become a Prestidigitator
Turn Ons: Swimwear and Charismatic
Turn Off: Underwear

Elisabeta Longwei: Teen
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Have 6 Grandchildren
Turn Ons: Make-up and Red Hair
Turn Off: Brown Hair

There was much dancing in the household as we celebrated the twins birthdays. I was no longer so worried about them when Alina and I went off to college. Beta wanted a family, like me, and Doina wanted to earn lots of money. I was shocked and so proud that after everything that has happened that Beta still wanted to have a family. She told me that even though we had lost mom and dad, and then grandma when we were so young, it just made her want to have kids she could be there for, and maybe even adopt some so other kids didn't have to struggle the way we did. She is an amazing girl.

That night we went to the mall to celebrate. We were all pretty tired though so we hung out in the pool and hot tub and then decided it was time to go home. It had been a good day so far, and it was shaping up to be a good spring season for the four of us.

Sunday came and the four of us went to the lake together to go fishing and just get outside and hang out in the cool spring air. It was still chilly at the lake, but it was an enjoyable day.

IWe caught a lot of fish, and a lot of boots too. It was great to share the time with my sisters all grown up. You could tell coming here since we had all been little really pays off, the fish we catch feeds us almost up until we go to the lake again.

Alina and Beta are getting along really well. They played outside for most of the next day just enjoying the outside.
That night Aine came over from next door. She was sitting on the swings and I took a look at her feeling like I was seeing her for the first time. She was beautiful and I realized how grown up she was.....and that red hair was simply stunning! She really did look a lot like her mom too.

We still all enjoy dancing, and as spring left Persperia we had some fun out in the yard with friends of ours. What will the summer bring to our little family? The spring brought back our hope in our dreams and our futures. With Alina's job and Doina talking about wanting to work to help out too and get a jump start on her career we are doing alright financially, and we have all gotten scolarships to help us with college. We're all teenagers now and able to take care of ourselves, each other and the house, and Alina and I will be needing to think about college soon. In the meantime though, can I continue to ask my sisters to be the ones working and paying all the bills while I study?

Drake's 2: Season 2

Drake's 2
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God

I went to the lake on Sunday. It was a great time to meet some of the townies from the next town over. I met a really cute lady that talked all about sports with me.

The fishing at this lake was better than the fishing at the other lakes I had been to. I could tell it was winter though, it felt like it was going to be snowing soon.

There was soon a little crowd gathered at the lake. We all huddled together in the same area and just talked. The lake was so large it was fun to have this little group of people to hang out with. I even got to meet the neighbors and they decided to come out and try fishing as well.

I kept practicing my bass, and even started feeling like I could play in front of people. My dates seemed to enjoy listening to me play. So far though, I had met a lot of cute girls, and the maid had provided me with a bit of a challenge to try, but I hadn't yet found anyone that I really felt special about. I know a romance guy like me isn't going to find just one special person, but I hadn't even found one yet.

I did have a couple of really good dates, but nothing that seemed to really connect for me, but hey, they were dates and it was still fun, what is a guy to do. The winter came and went, and while I found some people to cuddle up with on the cold winter nights, none of them had really turned my head yet.

Money was starting to come rolling in with work, and since I didn't have a family to worry about supporting it made life much simpler for me. Winter closed without any excitement for me, and really it was a rather slow season without much happening. I'm hopeful with spring coming that life will become more exciting again and maybe I'll even be able to get out and about a little more. Sadly, my sister called me right as winter was ending to tell me that our da had died. They laid him along the back corner of the land they had and I went for a little service just to pay my respects. I will miss da, he was a good man and always ready to help, but he's with ma now and that means he's happy.

Coming up: Season 3

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tanis': Season 2

The Tanis'
Cadoc: Elder Male - Taurus - Popularity - LTW: Become Media Magnate
Bryn: Adult Female - Capricorn - Romance - Become a Rock God
Alun: Teen Male - Taurus - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates

Sunday Bryn, Alun and I went down to the lake to do some fishing. It was a beautiful winter day, but it was pretty cold. Luckily it wasn't cold enough to have frozen the lake yet. It was a great day for us to go fishing

Alun and Bryan started out fishing earlier in the morning.

I hung out and talked to some of the people from the next town over. Apparently they come here to the lake often as well on the weekends to get away.

The first thing Alun caught was an old boot. He was really excited about it though, since it was his first time ever fishing. It was awesome to finally be able to to finally take my grandson fishing.

Bryn on the other hand wasn't able to get the fishing pole together, then couldn't put the bait on. I didn't think she was going to have a very good day.

It was a very quiet day at the lake that day, most of the birds had flown elsewhere to get away from the cold winter weather. Since it was the first Sunday we had been in town I hoped it would stay fairly quiet at the lake all the time. The clam was very enjoyable and I only hoped that the winter didn't make it impossible to fish there again soon.

Then suddenly, as I was standing on the other side of the lake I saw Alun....

He had caught a fish! It was huge. I could see the grin on his face from across the way. Bryn even fell flat on her back when she saw it. I could see the disappointment in her face. She hadn't managed to catch a thing yet.

We met some good friends that day, and the conversation went on and on about sports, the city, music. Bryn really got into that discussion since she was a musician.

The fishing sadly was not that good however, and we only came home with a couple of fish. I'm sure if we keep going we'll all get better. It was a great day outdoors and it helped us to get out of the tension in our own house and enjoy the company of others. The rest of the winter we all stayed mostly indoors with the family just slowly getting used to one another.

Late that winter we had a New Year's Eve party. Father time even came by!

It was Alun's idea, and even though he and Bryn were really tired from school and work they partied on.

Everyone really seemed to enjoy the party. There was cheering and waving. All the neighbors had come by to celebrate with us.

At the very end, Father Time turned into the New Year baby he was just a year ago. After that the party dispersed and everyone returned back to their homes with food in their stomachs and a party in their memories. We all crashed that night and didn't bother to even try and pick up the house.

As the winter wore on, Bryn and I started to grow closer, and even Alun was able to talk more with his mother on a regular basis. We tired to make time to spend together as a family, which was hard between my toy making business, Alun's school work, and Bryn's job and other...activities, but they really helped us grow closer as a family.

Alun really got me into video games, and when I played Bryn he always sat by and cheered me on. I still usually lost, but it was great to have him cheering for me on the side. He'll be leaving for college soon, and I won't be around forever. It will be hard to watch him go, now that I've gotten close to him. If it weren't for the attacks we would have never had this opportunity to get to know one another, and while for so many families, including our own, it meant losing so many loved ones, for us at least.....they were almost a blessing. I was able to finally see my daughter again after all these years, and get to know who she is now in her life. I only wish her mother was here to do the same. While I may never like the life style she has chosen, she is and always will be my daughter. I know for her it's also been a joy to see her son again and get to known him to. So as we watch the winter come to an end I see our family beginning to bloom into what it truly was meant to be.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Drake's: Season 2

The Drake's

Dei: Elder Male - Pieces - Family - LTW: Become Education Minister
Epona: Adult Female - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens
Belinu: Adult Male - Pieces - Fortune - LTW: Become World Famous Ballerina
Aine: Female Toddler - Cancer

Epona: Everyone, it's happening. Is anyone here? OWWWW!!!!! Someone, please! Dad!, OWWWWW!!!! Belinu!!!!! Where is everyone. I'm giving BIRTH here! OWWW!!!!! Ok, just breeth, breeth, breeth.....owwwwww.

Epona: Oh, it's happening. No one is here and it's happening. Oh oh comes the baby, the baby is coming. HELLO!!! Is anyone even in this house besides me? Well there's about ready to be one!!

Epona: Oh, he's here. He's finally here. No one is around to see him, and he's finally here. He's so beautiful. I wonder if he'll have red hair like the rest of us?

We shall call you Feichin, which means "little raven", because you came in the blackest of nights.

Feichin Drake: Baby
Sign: Aries

Come little Feichin, we need to go find your grandpappy, I think there is still another one on the way.

Dei: Is this my newest little grandbaby?

Epona: For now, take him please, you've got another on the way. WOAH!! Here comes the next one. Da take him, now.

Dei: I got him, I've got him.

Epona: Here comes the next one!

Dei: Here she is.

Epona: Yes she's here, and she's just as beautiful as Aine was. We shall call her Glenna.

Dei: And why Glenna sweetheart?

Epona: Because Glenna means Valley, and while we have been in this valley in our life, this precious child is here to remind us there is hope.

Glenna Drake: Baby
Sign: Virgo

Dei: I think it's beautiful dear. Feichin and Glenna. Welcome to the world little ones. You are the first two born into this area after the attacks. You are our hope for the future.

Epona: They have a long road ahead of them da. I'm going to need your help more than ever, and we are going to have to try and finish the upstairs room now for you. These two have managed to fill up this already full house even more.

Dei: Why don't we give the room to Aine when she grows up a little more. Her birthday is coming soon, and she isn't going to be a child much longer.

Epona: Where will you sleep then da?

Dei: I'll stay in the nursery. I can tell, my dear, that my age is catching up on me, and I want to help you as much as I can before my time is up. Aine needs to have her own space so she can really grow.

When my son-in-law came home, we had a wonderful dinner together, and the next day he sent Aine, Epona and myself out to the lake to get some rest and hopefully some fish.

That day my beautiful daughter and I sat and talked with the others who had gathered at the lake about many thing. It's such a joy to see my daughter, while exhausted from the birth, smiling and laughing, so full of life. I realized how much I was starting to feel my own slipping away.

Aine found a friend at the lake that afternoon. Doina, the little neighbor girl was also there. The two of them played all day running around in the grassy area around the lake.

You do have to wonder where they get their energy. The lake has been a blessing for the little ones because it gives them a place to burn off some of their boundless energy.

I do believe those two became quite good friends over the course of that day. I hated to separate them at the end, but they hugged good-bye vowing to see each other soon.

That night, my daughter and her husband sunk into bed exhausted from the days activities. I stayed up and took care of the babies, with Aine's help. She's such an inquisitive child, an I bet she's going to end up wanting a big family just like her mother. Even though she is so young she already is so good with the twins. They will be lucky to have her as their older sister.

After I sent Aine to bed, I bathed the twins in the sink. They are so little, and it reminded me of when my own twins were born.

As I stood there holding Feichin carefully into the water and washing his little hands and feet I was taken back to younger years when I had done the same thing with Belinu and Epona.

Life had truly thrown some curves at as, and I missed my wife terribly, but was so glad to be around my family and assist with all the things that needed done.

Glenna was next to be washed, and out she popped nice and clean, and wiggly as always. She is such an active baby, I wonder what she will be like when she grows up.

Before everyone went off to work one morning, I took care of the twins and sent Belinu and Epona outside. Belinu had been working so hard trying to make sure that we had enough money, and I had been helping out so much I hadn't really had a chance to make any projects to sell. Epona had been inside taking care of the twins all day and the days were getting colder and colder. I knew snow would be here soon and wanted them to get out one more time before it hit.

They enjoyed the time outdoors. The played catch and chased each other around. It was good to see them still so happy with each other.

That night it snowed, just as I thought. ALOT. Aine had a snow day from school and one of her friends came over. They worked on building up a snow man in the front yard.

First they built the body all round and almost taller then they were, I'm surprised they got the head on.

Then they came running into the house, with their red rosy cheeks and noses and asked to borrow my scarf and fancy hat. I let them take them, I never really wore them anymore anyway.

They took the broom from the closet and grabbed a carrot from the fridge, and went out to finish up the snowman. I have to admit, they did a good job. The girls were so proud and when they were done I made them some hot coco to warm them up.

Sadly, money was getting so tight, and since I wasn't working, Epona had to take a job in security. This way she could be around for the kids in the morning, and meet them from school, and their father could be around in the evening when she left for work.

I know it broke her heart, because as she headed out for work one day, the twins decided it was time to grow up.

First came Feichin. It was a festive time, and everyone was sad Epona couldn't be there, but Belinu got to help them into the new stage of their lives.

Feichin Drake: Toddler
Sign: Aries

Feichin still doesn't have any hair that we can see. He's either very blond or just hasn't started showing his hair color. I know Epona wanted them to be red heads, but she might not get her wish. I guess we'll see what happens when he gets a little older.

Aine wasn't nearly as interested in this process as I thought she might be, but she watched from the couch and took glimpses between her dad and tv.

Next came Glenna and wouldn't you know it, out with a full head of red hair too, her mom will be so happy.

Luckily we made sure there was warm clothes to put them in at this stage. It was very cold with all the snow outside

Glenna Drake: Toddler
Sign: Virgo

Belinu adores the children I can tell. They cuddle with him any chance they get too. I know it's been hard moving here and adjusting to life.

He's been working so hard on his work, trying to advance high enough up to make it easier on the family financially, and I am so proud of him. Epona picked a great man to marry.

When everyone is asleep sometimes at night, and one of the twins is awake, I like to take them into the living room and read a story to them.

These two have been such a joy to have around, and while I know we are all tried, as they are a handful of busy activity, I want to spend all the time I can with them while I can.

Soon after the twins grew up, one day while Epona was trying to sleep after a very long day at work the night before, Aine told us it was time for her to grow up. Right before our eyes she turned from this adorable, energetic little girl....

To this beautiful young woman. Belinu was so proud. I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw her. She looked so much like her mother it was amazing

Aine Drake: Teen
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Marry off 6 children
Turn Ons: Glasses and Blond Hair
Turn Off: Makeup

I was so glad to be able to say I had seen this beautiful girl grow up from a little toddler into this stunning teenager.

As I thought she really desired a large family of her own. She will be a great help to her parents now.

Knowing that Aine was grown up now, and seeing the twins turn into toddlers, I knew it was time for me to go. My family had grown and become the true future of this place. With their help I knew it was going to be prosperous.

Dei: Don't cry my dear Aine, I get to be with your grandmama now, and Glenna, Feichin, don't be sad, I love you so much. It is time for me to go, but I have cherished every moment of time I have been able to spend with you.

Before I knew what was really happening da was gone. The kids were scared and shocked. Aine ran up to her room and didn't come down for hours. After all we had all gone through this was the last thing we expected. I felt like I should quit the job I had gotten to help pay the bills so I could spend additional time with the kids. What if Belinu can't do it all on his own though? We'll have to see what happens now. I managed to get the kids into bed and just curled up with Belinu next to me. Oh da, we miss you so much, if only I had had more time.