Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drake's: Season 4

The Drake's
Epona: Adult Female - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens
Belinu: Adult Male - Pieces - Fortune - LTW: Become World Famous Ballerina
Aine: Female Teenage - Cancer - Family - LTW: Marry off 6 children
Feichin: Male Child - Aries
Glenna: Female Child - Virgo

Summer is here and it's the time for me to get back into shape. I've got 3 wonderful children, a husband any women would envy, then only thing I still need is a puppy, or kitten. So far I have not had any luck in getting Belinu to go for a kitten or a puppy. I could probably talk him into another child first.

I do go out and visit da's grave in the backyard some. I always end up missing Belinu's calls from work though when I'm out there. I don't know if I just loose track of time, or if he just calls at random times that I can't predict. I miss da, but his ghost is around I know, he used to wake Feichin up, but I find if I go and visit his grave it's not nearly as difficult for the kids to sleep at night.

Aine is still close to her da and they play most nights when he gets home from work. I will participate occationally, but typically just let those two do their own thing while I watch.

Belinu and I try to stay up sometimes just to spend some time together, but most of the time he falls asleep on the couch. I sometimes wonder what he dreams about.

Aine has started heading off sometimes to go to this place where she can study art. I'm not sure where it is, she has never told me. She stays there so late some nights I begin to worry, but she always comes home and then tells me how she got caught up in some teaching or project. I'm glad she has found something she is passionate about.

Belinu usally comes home and paints. I myself enjoy cooking, which is probably a good thing with 3 kids around and a very athletic husband. It's amazing we have any leftovers on a regular basis.

Aine has also become quite the handyman, er women. Her shower has gone out a few times, as has the downstairs one, and she is getting quicker and quicker at repairing them. She will be quite a little housewife and mother after college.

Belinu is still working hard at his job and is hoping for another promotion soon.

The kids are very good about coming home each night and working on their homework. They are all so smart, I am so proud.

The summer weather has been prefect for all of us to get outside and play some catch, or tag, or just have a water balloon fight. It's good for me too, because I can pay attention to the kids, but get to be outside having some fun of my own without having to worry about a baby in the house.

Aine went to the mall on Saturday, as I hear the teenagers tend to do. She met Beni's sister Doina in the resturant and got to talk with her some. She is really starting to get to know the family and they all get along swimmingly so far.

On her way home she also ran into Alina. It's good for the two of them to be able to talk. Both were old enough to remember the passing of a grandparent, grandda for Aine and Crina for Alina. They both has also had the chace to see the ghosts of those they loved.

I think it helps to bring the girls closer and gives them someone to share their experiences with. I'm sure that most others who have not had to suffer the losses they have would not understand.

Aine is also starting to become a really good painter. I think those lessons she gets at her secret places really pay off. Maybe I could convince her to let me come sometime.

Right towards the end of spring the twins grew into teenagers. First came Glenna, and then Feichin.

Glenna Drake: Teen
Aspiration: Pleasure
LTW: Become a Game Designer
Turn Ons: Charismatic and Neat
Turn Off: Plantsimism

Belinu was just getting home when Glenna grew up so he missed seeing her turn into a teenager, but she ran to meet him and hurried him inside for Feichin's turn.

Feichin Drake: Teen
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Reach Golden Anniversary
Turn Ons: Stink and Werewolfism
Turn Off: Athletic

The Sunday after the twins grew up we all went to the lake. It was great to have all my kids in their teenage years so they could really enjoy the lake. Aine had told me she was going to start talking to Beni about the idea of adopting kids and see what he thought. I was worried that she might scare him some, but she said he was all for having lots of kids too.

Wouldn't you know it, my boy Feichin wants a family and stated talking to his sister about how he can wait to have babies of his own. I hope he at least waits until he finds a nice girl to settle down with, but I guess time will tell. I'm glad he wants a family though, it means that the Drake name will continue. Their uncle Cademon certainly isn't going to carry it on.

That day we all had pretty good luck in fishing. It seems to be eaiser and easier to catch big fish each week. Maybe one of these days we'll all start earning some rewards for all the fishing we do.

Glenna says she remembers Aine teaching her the tricks that grandda taught her when she first started fishing. Well that certainly appears to be paying off.

We also were able to cook up some food while we were there and sit down as a family to eat. We so rarely all get to sit down together it was nice to do.

Aine and Glenna get along really well for having some different outlooks on life. I'm so glad my girls get along. It's sometimes hard for sisters to live in the same house when they are close in age. I think Glenna is going to miss Aine when she leaves for college.

True to her word Aine talked to Beni about adoption, and he agreed it was a great idea. Of course, in the back of his mind I think he was also thinking, are we even going to have room for adopted kids too? He's a great guy, and will make my Aine very happy.

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