Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tanis': Season 4

The Tanis'
Cadoc: Elder Male - Taurus - Popularity - LTW: Become Media Magnate
Bryn: Adult Female - Capricorn - Romance - Become a Rock God

So it's me Bryn, and let me tell you, life has taken some pretty unexpected turns lately. First, my son is engaged. I am very happy for him and his intended. I have not yet met her but Alun promises me he will bring her over soon. I am also getting to the point where I can fix a computer, much to father's delight.

Father has also been working really hard at his toy bench and now has this sort of glow any time he talks about Arts and Crafts, or works at his toy bench, or even when he's browsing the web. He says it's because he has maxed out his enthusiasm to it and can no longer be more excited about Arts and Crafts then he is right now.

Well lets get to the part where life took an interesting turn. Cademon and I have had this very flirty relationship and we've certain had enough fun in the past together. Well he pretty much lives the same way I do, fun and free. He is a good friend though to, so he hangs out at the house on occasion.

Well one of those nights ended in a slightly different way. We were hanging out and had some fun, did some dancing, you know the typical stuff that we do. He flirted some more, I flirted back and he left. That's not the weird part.

Not too long later I started feeling really sick. It reminded me a lot of what happened when I was pregnant with Alun, and made me wonder if it was happening all over again.

Well we had a big party at the house and Alun came over with Lainey, his friend from high school who lived in the islands somewhere, and then some neighbors. It was a really fun night, but...

that was also the night I realized beyond a doubt I was pregnant, again. I couldn't believe I let this happen again, but I was bound and determined to be a part of this ones life. I had missed out on Alun's life and if those attacks taught me anything it was that I did not want to miss out on another child's life.

I had worried about telling Cademon, but when I went to the lake on Sunday like normal and I shouldn't have even worried about it. Cademon looked at me and saw exactly what had happened and vowed to look after me and the baby. For being such a romance guy he was sure quick to pick up the peices where they fell and run with them.

I gave birth late one night when father was asleep. I gave birth to a beautiful little boy. I decided to name him Dillon.

Dillon Tanis-Drake
Male Toddler - Gemini
Father loves his grandbaby, and I know he feels the same way I do...he will be a part of this babies life. It has been an interesting summer around here, and there is other news, but I will let Cademon tell you about that.

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