Thursday, November 6, 2008

Drake's 2: Season 4

Drake's 2
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God

So I know Bryn told you all about Dillon and how he is my son. Well let me tell you, at first it sort of came as a shock, and I knew how Bryn was, so I wondered at first if he was mine for sure or not. but she was very convinced and I believed her. She's not one to really lie about something that like. Well she really wanted to be involved in the baby's life, I think seeing Alun after so much time really drove home what she missed the last time around. Well I wanted to be a part of his life to, I mean, it's my son. So the first thing I did was apologize to Bryn, and then I asked her to move in with me so we could both help raise little Dillon.

Well she and Dillon moved in right away, and Cadoc came over to help her move some things. I know he's going to be lonely over there until Alun get's back from college, but he comes home soon. Well I also asked Bryn to marry me, totally out of character for me, but then again she said yes. So now we're engaged, but neither of us is sure we are totally ready to actually get married. I guess we'll see.

Well I will admit I was really happy to have Bryn there, and little Dillon of course. I sort of realized the out was kind of quiet and having them there made it much nicer to come home to. Bryn and I also get to car pool to work occationally. We work in the same field so it makes it really nice to be able to go to work together. Although Bryn just got a promotion and works really late nights now.

I'm actualy really enjoying being a father. Yes, I'm sure I'm still a romance kind of guy, but I don't know, Dillon has just changed things a bit. I enjoy helping to take care of him. Well as you probably saw when Bryn moved in she brought some extra money she had saved up and we used that to fix up the house and the yard. I had to turn my bedroom into a nursery and then we build an extra bedroom right above the nursey for Bryn and I.

We also got an apple tree and Bryn enjoys taking care of. It gives her something to do and still be outside. I know she sometimes feels tied to the house because of Dillon. The last Sunday I sent her to the lake to go try and catch some fish and I stayed home with Dillon. I think she really enjoyed her time out there.

One night when it was really quite late at night Dillon grew up into a toddler. No longer was he this little tiny baby that didn't do much more than sleep and eat, now he was a toddler.

He's a handsome little tyke if I do say so myself. Chances are he'll have some reddish color of hair since both Bryn and I have red hair, and he's got a bit of hair already.

Well I got right to work training him to talk and I think Bryn taught him how to walk because he toddles around the house all over the place. Next lesson is going to be potty training. I'm tried to changing diapers. Well that brings the entire summber to a close I believe.

Oh there was one funny thing that happened. She I have mounted a few of the really nice fish I have caught over the past year I have lived here. Well one night while Dillon was asleep this penguin just comes wondering in. Well he starts trying to jump up and reach the fish hanging on the wall. Weirdest thing I've ever seen, especially in the summer. Well I do believe that is all for now.


sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Well good for him for doing the right thing! Once in a while I torture my romance sims and make them settle down too. :)

Melissa said...

Cute pic of the penguin jumping for the fish on the wall.