Thursday, August 7, 2008

Drake's: Season 1

The Drake's

Dei: Elder Male - Pieces - Family - LTW: Become Education Minister
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God
Epona: Adult Female - Sagittarius - Family - LTW: Raise 20 Puppies/Kittens
Belinu: Adult Male - Pieces - Fortune - LTW: Become World Famous Ballerina
Aine: Female Toddler - Cancer

When Dei's wife became ill Caedmon came to help his father take care of her, when the attacks happened, and she was taken Epona, her husband Belinu and their daughter Aine came to be with Dei as well. Together they all moved to Perperia, one of the few places they had heard of that was untouched by the attacks. Dei had spent most of his money taking care of his wife during her illness, and Caedmon didn't have much, since he had spent it on women and parties. Epona and Belinu were just starting out, and Aine had made a surprise appearance that left them just trying to keep their heads above water. With their money all pooled together, they managed to buy a cheep house and a small amount of furniture to go with it. Dei even picked up an old sewing table he had found for cheep.

Aine was a handful, as all toddlers are, but Dei loved having her around. It made him feel young to have her boundless energy about, even if he felt exhausted after playing with her. Having his family close made the loss of his wife easier to deal with, although the strangeness of her, what he could only assume was, death torn at his heart. Dei had to admit, he was certain that his wife had died in the attacks, but he couldn't imagine that even had she survived the attacks that she would have lived much longer after that.

The move for
Epona and Belinu was a hard one, they hadn't left much behind, but believed in the end they had gained far more in return. Here they were surrounded by family to help them get to where they wanted to be, and Aine got to know her grandpa and uncle Caedmon surrounded by the beauty of Persperia. As the days grew colder and the leaves started to change, Epona and Belinu once again found the love that had bound them together and it reignited their passions for each other.

Caedmon: Dad now has
Epona and Belinu to help take care of him, and little Aine helps keep everyone busy. It's time for me to find my own place. I know my sister wants to fill that house with kids, and they are going to need as much space as they can get. Plus, I want to start getting to know the women around here better.

In no time at all it was
Aine's birthday. It almost came as a surprise to everyone, and they didn't really even have time to plan a party, but she grew up well just the same. Tomorrow she would get to start school.

Epona: So I was thinking. With Caedmon gone, and dad around to help out...maybe we should have another baby. I mean Aine starts school tomorrow, and you know before we can believe it she'll be headed off to college.

Belinu: Well I have a steady job here, and Dei has been making those potholders to help bring in a little extra cash...I guess now might be a good time for a new baby. Do you think the house is big enough though?

Dei knew his daughter's mind, and he also knew anything she wanted she would probably be able to talk Belinu into doing. Ah to be young and in love with a strong-willed women he thought. With those thoughts in mind, Dei sat at the sewing machine and started to mass create potholders. We're going to need the money if another baby comes, he thought.

Sure enough,
Epona found out shortly after that she was pregnant. Belinu couldn't wait to tell Dei he was going to be a grandfather again soon. While Dei was excited, he knew those finances wouldn't hold up much longer. He had to get up to something more interesting than potholders.

Aine and her mom were pretty close, and they both LOVED to dance. During the very early stages of Epona's pregnancy she would dance to stay in shape. Aine always wanted to come home and dance after school before she sat down and did her homework. It was a good way for her to burn off the extra engery so she could concentrate on the work before her.

Epona: Oh, the baby is starting to kick

Epona: I can tell he or she is going to be very active!

So as the fall season drew to a close,
Aine was doing very well in school, and she loved to play with her fathers Ballet bar, and Belinu, excited about the new baby threw himself into his work. He got a couple of promotions, but knew he needed to start making friends with the neighborhood if he was truly going to get anywhere. Dei contined to be the steady rock, helping out the family where ever he was needed.

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