Friday, August 8, 2008

Tanis': Season 1

The Tanis'
Cadoc: Elder Male - Taurus - Popularity - LTW: Become Media Magnate
Bryn: Adult Female - Capricorn - Romance - Become a Rock God
Alun: Teen Male - Taurus - Pleasure - Have 50 Dream Dates

It was a decent start for this little family thrown back together by tragedy, but there will be plenty of adjustments. There wasn't much money to go around, but they picked up a small house, the same as everyone else had that moved here, and Alun and Grandpa Cadoc took one of the bedrooms while Bryn took the other. It was weird for Cadoc to suddenly find himself living once again with his daughter and finally getting to meet his grandson. When Bryn got pregnant and left home Cadoc and his wife were devastated. Bryn kept in contact with her mom for a short time but even that eventually fell apart. Cadoc didn't even know Alun had been living with his father until right before the attacks. He and his wife had actually be trying to find Bryn again, but had managed to find Alun instead. While they hadn't really had a chance to start up any communication before the attacks, it was nice to know where he was. When the attacks happened, and Cadoc lost his wife and heard that Alun had lost his father it became apparent that Alun was going to have to get to know his grandfather quickly. It was difficult for Bryn too, she had seen Alun, but only a few times a year since he was born, and his father gained custody. At the time she hadn't fought to hard for him, she was right at the top time of her life and there were just too many guys out there. As the years passed however, she had started to wonder if she shouldn't have fought harder to see him. It was hard to see him all grown up now, and know what they had all gone through. All she could do was hope he could understand.

The move in was quick, they didn't really have much to move in and managed to buy a lot of the furniture after they got to the house. With the house set up the family all started getting acquainted, but before long a little welcome party of...well Crina, came by. She needed a small break from the twins and it was nice to talk to someone her own age again. Cadoc took the time to tell her how he was going to make toys, while Bryn and Alun found their own things to do. Alun knew about his mom, and the way she was, and the last thing he really wanted to do on this day was discuss the past.

While Bryn started searching for a job in the music industry, Alun decided it was time to learn how to paint. Cadoc and Crina just continued to talk about all the things they liked and disliked. Crina just like them, had come here after losing loved ones in the attack. They all knew the lives they had lived before were gone, and this new place, new future, not to mention the new family that had been thrown together put major tensions in the house. They all had to get to know each other before they would really be able to enjoy being a family, if at all.

Alun did manage to find a cute little blond named Tosha however, and they chatted for a short while in the yard. Alun was actually glad to be out of the tensions of the house and enjoy someones company. He knew it wasn't going to be easy, but seeing his mom again, living with was just going to take time. Although it was nice to be able to get to know Grandpa Cadoc, and Alun found they had quite a bit in common.

They would even toss around the football when they could. The fall was very much upon them, and Cadoc was working hard to learn how to make toys of all kinds, and Bryn had started in her Music career. Even though Cadoc wasn't fond of Bryn's desires, he cared very much for her and for Alun, and enjoyed starting to get to know his daughter as she was now. The scars of the past were deep though, and while Cadoc and Alun were able to grow closer, Bryn kept Cadoc at a distance.

Alun and Cadoc's relationship grew and grew. Before they knew it they were best friends. This really helped the tensions in the house, because even though Alun still didn't really know his mom, he knew he could go to his Grandpa Cadoc to talk. Cadoc adored his grandson and wished he could have gained back the time they hadn't had when he was younger, but he was going to make do with all the time he had left.

Alun was starting to make friends at school too. Lainey Barthelet, an exchange student, caught Alun's attention one day. He had seen her in class, but hadn't really talked to her much. He said hello one day and they started talking more and more. One day he invited her home with him to hang out. They had a great time dancing and she even taught him to hula and to "hang loose". She really was kind of cute, and Alun found her exotic ways and friendship really meant a lot to him. He had finally made his first real friend at school. Unfortunately Lainey wasn't going to be there a really long time, as she had to go back to her homeland.

Cadoc was rather depressed with his friends list, he kept thinking of the friends he had left back home, old and young. Back then, he and his wife had thrown such terrific parties and also had friends around ready to celebrate any occasion. He was glad he and Alun had become friends, his grandson was so special to him, but still, he hoped he could meet some more friends soon.

Alun had discovered games, and kept a look out in the papers for any kind of tournament, or story that had to do with games or a way to get involved. Typically there were only the pool scores from the bars in the next towns over, but he kept looking anyway.

Bryn brought home a friend one day from work and they talked and hung out a lot in the front yard. Bryn, always one to not hold back, started right away in talking about them woohooing. He wasn't quite so forward, but Bryn felt that with a little persuasion he might be open to the idea.

In fact he was smitten with her in no time. Not that she really felt as strongly as him at first, but she wasn't looking for anything serious, she just wanted a woohoo.

Bryn was really tired had been a long week at work so far, and all she really wanted to do at that moment was sleep. Fall came to a close without much fanfare in the family, but Cadoc and Alun continued to deepen their relationship, and even Alun and Bryn were starting to make some progress. Things were still stressful in the house, but with Bryn's income and Cadoc making toys on a daily basis they weren't hurting for money. Alun was doing well in school, and kept in touch with Lainey after she moved. She really was his best friend in the whole entire world, and he didn't know what he would do without her or his Grandfather to talk with.

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