Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drake's 2: Season 3

Drake's 2
Caedmon: Adult Male -Libra - Romance - LTW: Become a Rock God

So spring is finally here and life is going pretty good. I've had a few more dates, and am starting to really get to know the women around here. I've had a few of them over for some fun, and being good at the base really helps to win them around to my kind of thinking. Christy is pretty cool, she's a nice girl and we get along really well. I enjoy her company and she seems to like mine as well.

One day while Christy was here my sister and her husband came over for a visit. I've been teaching Christy some moves on the bass and she was playing for Belinu and Epona, but in her underwear of all things. I mean, I know that my sister and brother in law know very well how much I like women, but to entertain in her underwear just went a bit over board if you ask me. For a guy, not such a big deal, I mean boxers are basically like shorts, right? I mean I guess you could say she looked like she was wearing a bikini, but I just don't know.

Anyway, I cooked up some food for everyone to eat and went to go get ready for the rest of my day. Epona and Belinu stood listening to Christy play and just talked until I called them in for some food.

Well my sister spent quite a bit of time talking to Christy about different things. They talked about their favorite TV shows, music, movies and other random things. They seemed to hit it off ok, but don't really seem close. I'm glad about that, because I like Christy but I don't think she's going to be around for a long time and I don't want them getting all "sisterly" and stuff.

While the girls were in talking I gave Belinu a big treat with playing some stuff I had written on the base. He really seemed to like it and after listening to Christy for most of the morning, who is still pretty bad, it was good to have some decent music in the house.

Sunday I went to lake of course, as we typically do around here. I caught some good fish, which will be very nice to have in the freezer at home. It's so much eaiser to entertain when you've got some good food to quickly cook up in the house. The fishing seemed pretty good to me this particular Sunday.

Everyone seemed to be having pretty good luck on the fishing and it was the nice comfortable spring afternoon while I was there. I really couldn't have asked for a better day to go fishing.

To top it all off I met a few more women there today that seemed pretty interesting. Apparently there is another little area not too far from here that has a lot of other "refugees" from the attacks that like to come here to fish to gather food. It's really hard to make a start when you don't have a ton of money and you have to basically start over.

Summer is around the corner and I'm glad. This has been a good spring, but summer brings out some of the really cute ladies and their little summer outfits. I haven't spoekn much to Chrisy since that day with my sister and brother in law, but I might have to call her over sometime soon for some fun. I also need to get to know Bryn better, my neighboor. She is basically of the same mind as me and we really hit it off when we met.

Coming soon: Season 4 and more College

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