Wednesday, October 29, 2008

College: Round 1

Acedemie La Tour
Alun Tanis - Major: Literature, LTW: 50 Dream Dates
Lainey Barthelet - Major: Economics, LTW: Become a Business Tycoon

Ah, here at college at last. I'm no longer living under the stress of my family's house, and I get to try and become what I want.
Just as I had though Lainey is here too. We are even living at the same dorms.
There is Robi in the background, he's a pretty cool guy. I think Lainey actually thinks he's pretty cute. Of course, she doesn't think that about me, I'm just a friend.
There are some definitely cute women here though. Plenty of women to try and woo over, go on some dates, yeah, college is going to be great.

Of course this one seems to be kind of stuck on how popular she is. I mean I'm all for having friends and everything but I'm not going to go around talking about them like they are a badge.

Now there is a girl I think I could get into. She cute, got a little funky style to her, likes to dance. Yes, I must meet her between the constant studying and classes.

Lainey has even found some people that have traveled pretty far to come here, like she did. She can talk to most of the people, and we all tend to gather to eat anyway.

Aiyana Trimble, what a beautiful name, and a beautiful girl. She's stunning and seems to be into me a little too.

We started see a lot more of each other after that first night we finally met officially...
and I took her out on a few dates. They went really well at first, and then school started really cutting into our dates and we had a few bad ones because we lost track of time and one of us had to go running off to class.

Lainey has spread Hula throughout the dorm, most kids don't get down and smuttle anymore, we get into groups and Hula. Some of them are getting really good, and some Lainey just shudders to try and watch.

A few time Lainey has come and slept in my room, I went and got a big bed for Aiyana and I to sometimes cuddle on, but I think Lainey really misses home sometimes. Aiyana knows we're just close friends and doesn't seem to mind when she hears about this.

Other than meeting Aiyana the first year was pertty boring for me. I got through my classes both semesters with A's, just as Lainey did. Not much going on here, although I think I want to get out of these dorms before too long.

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Good introduction to the year