Thursday, November 6, 2008

College: Round 2

Acedemie La Tour
Alun Tanis - Major: Literature, LTW: 50 Dream Dates
Lainey Barthelet - Major: Economics, LTW: Become a Business Tycoon

Heyla, this is Lainey. Here I am at La Tour as we call it here, and got to be in the dorms with my best friend Alun. He's got his sights set on Aiyanna, she seems hip but we'll see what time tells with that. Me, I have found a man that makes my heart sing. Robbi Tang. He lives here in the dorms too, what a man.

I work out a lot to keep myself in shape so I can hopefully catch his eye. Alun and Aiyanna seem to really be hitting it off. They always come and say hellow when I'm up early working out. I wonder how that girl stay so thin.
Well the other night it happened, just as I expeceted it would. Aiyanna was out doing the Hula, I've spread it around campus and it took off like a wildfire. Anyway there she was doing the Hula on the mid-poarch and out com Alun. There Alun goes, getting down on one knee and asking Aiyanna to marry him. She had disappeared for a couple of days and Alune was really worried about her. Well when she showed up again he quickly popped the question and she said yes.

Now, I'm not quite at asking Robi to marry me yet, but I am sure as pie that we are progressing that way. Robi and I have become the best of friends and spend all time together just talking, doing homework, etc. He makes me miss home a little less. I think after college I wouldn't mind settling down with this man and moving to Persperia, where Alun's from.

The other day it snowed quite a bit around here, and while Aiyanna was at class Alun went out and built her a snowman. He got it all round and then had to go rummage around for something to decorate him with.

It turned out pretty good, and when Aiyanna came home she loved it. Thought it was a cutest thing. I thought it was sort of sissy myself.
So Robi and I went out and worked on one together. He had the same idea I had, so by the time we were done there were two completely different looking snow men in the yard.
I honestly thing ours is better. He has more character. Robi did a great job of putting on the decorations.
Apparently back in Persperia Alun said they take trip to the lake every Sunday. Well in spirit of that tradition he and I and a bunch of others from school took a trip to the little lake they have on campus. We couldn't actually fish, it was too cold, so we played a game of water balloons. The trick was, we didn't use actual water so it froze. We had all kinds of balloons that day, someone even tried to fill some with jello, but they didn't work so well.

Well Aiyanna and Alun are starting to get to know Robi better, which I'm so glad about because he's going to be a part of my life, and I'm sure we'll be neighbors back in Persperia and I want to be able to invite them over.

Alun and Aiyanna are always making eyes at each other. I'm glad they found each other, I really am. They will be very happy together. I still get homesick from time to time, but Alun and Robi really tend to perk me up. I'm just starting to really get to know Aiyanna, and while I won't ever say anythng, I wonder if she is really the best match for Alun. Also, where did she disapper to for those days she was gone? I guess it will be up to her to tell us when and if she feels like it. Well, we are now Juniors around here and will be able to leave college soon, so wind to thy wings until next time.

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